Single Life

Yes, You Are Single And Proud!


Every Single people who know what they want and enjoying their life is hot. They are famous everywhere and really know how to enjoy their life as being Single. This is the step for being a Single, Proud and Famous person!

  • The key is to be confident- carry yourself like you’re a King and Queen! Work on your posture, be confident and people will see what you’re really made of: sugar, spice and everything nice!
  • Try to look as hot as you can, everyday. Work on looking your best and dressing with style, you gotta attract all eyes on you!
  • Smile!
  • Be yourself all the time! Just more gorgeous!
  • Do some research. Make sure you know what the latest trends are, so you’ll be always ready to shine! Also make sure to know what is up in movies, new gossip in the world and cool parties, so you’ll have things to talk about when you socialize with new people!
  • Be exciting and confident, yet classy and calm, never desperate for attention!
  • Don’t be average. Be SPECIAL! Unique is excellent. Like every girl have long black hair, or blondie…that’s average. Shine your hair with new color and make it different. You must have a new hair cut, today!


  • Make your own style, find your own outfits, love your own kind of music, do your own kind activities. Stand out and be different than everyone else. 
  • Enjoy doing wild things! Try something dare and new, like doing a Base Jumping, join a Thai Boxing groups, join an animal wild life volunteer, Parkour, Scuba Diving, Bungee Jumping  or Paragliding. Do things that you will remember in the future and can say “I really enjoyed my life!”. Have fun, be yourself!
  • Go out, party, have fun and always be seen. Make friends everywhere…
  • Be kind to people and show your inner good heart.
  • But don’t be afraid of being alone. Everyone always looking for a companion for doing anything, so why don’t you try to go out alone like watching movie, having coffee in the afternoon in a fabulous cafe, going to a book store or shopping. You should try and do it! I know you’ll like it…

Doing it well will get you to be more known and famous in places, people might get jealous and some rumors might be spread about you. It happens to all famous people, well, just don’t care, hold your head high and have fun! Single and Proud people don’t care about what people think!


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